Asian Food Supplier


S&L imports a wide range of Korean food and kitchenware, having supplied them in Australia since 1998.
We offer a wide range of food products and strive to fully satisfy our consumers’ needs for nutrition, convenience, and great taste.

Popular Korean food includes:

  • Dumplings
  • Korean Popcorn
  • Aloe Vera drinks
  • Noodles
  • Seafood
  • Ice Creams

S&L are a major supplier of Korean ice cream in Australia. With varieties that include red bean flavouring, green tea, chestnut, watermelon, rice ice, ice cotton, sweet corn and characters like Jaws (yes, the shark) Korean ice cream is quite distinct from many western varieties. We also sell Korean ice cream wholesale.

Our Korean food importing extends to cookware and food storage containers. We supply, retail or wholesale:

  • Pressure cookers, small or large
  • General cookers
  • Rice cookers
  • Slow multi cookers
  • Glass tumblers
  • Fry pan and woks
  • Casserole dishes
  • Glass tumblers
  • Salad bowls
  • Glass canisters
  • Rectangle glass storage units.
  • Storage containers suitable for children’s meals.