About Us


S&L Global is a privately owned food & kitchenware service company located in the inner west of Sydney, NSW Australia. We import and distribute an extensive range of food & kitchenware products from Korea, Japan, USA and China.
Our clients include supermarkets, restaurants, cafes & wholesalers … etc.
We aim to ensure that all our clients are supplied with only the best quality products and services. We continually look to update our product range to keep up with our customer requirements and market trends.


Established in 1998, S & L has now become a prominent Asian product supplier across Australia.
Over the past few years we have been supplying our customers with a range of unique and customised products, constantly striving to offer a wide range of tailored experiences.

At S & L we possess sales networks and partners covering all regions of Australia. We have expanded our supply network to several large supermarket chains including Target, Costco and IGA Stores, continually pushing forward in other markets for further steady expansion.


We, the S & L GROUP, are dedicated to promoting the best products in a safe and convenient manner, progressing on our creed of honesty and trust. Our private label products have now been positioned as PREMIUM brands amongst the existing NAME brands.

We continuously endeavour to create and develop our own PB brands, supplying a unique and customised range of products and a wide range of tailored experiences to our customers.


S&L GLOBAL continues to rise above routine ideas, not being afraid to pursue new ventures. We are making steady progress through creativity and the possession of a frontier spirit, growing to be one of the leading Asian food trading companies in Australia.
We promise that S&L will bring customer satisfaction by providing quality products that you can enjoy every day. Our spirit of challenge and innovation is driving us to become a multinational trading company.

With the trust and affection shown by consumers, S&L will always improve its value.